Little Miracles

Posted: January 4, 2010 in random

This poem would probably never happen in real life, but I like to dream big!!

little miracles:

A soft light comes from the sky and touches your face gently.

It sends your heart spiraling up and down and you blood starts to race

The light give you new energy and you jump up from your bed

but then it starts to rain,

dampering you spirits of a beutiful day

slinking into the kitchen, you make yourself some coffee.

as if it was a miracle, it starts to snow.

Things look up a little more, and the phone rings.

Every thing is cancelled, there will be no driving anywhere

everything is backed up and there is no going anywhere.

Later, as the day ends, you watch the sun setting over the snow man built in the front yard,

and his bright smile mirrors yours has you think of your great day

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