Hope and Hate

Posted: January 8, 2010 in random

A breeze whispers through the trees.

I feel the soft wind blow my hair throught the open space of my window.

A storm is coming. a storm strong enough to destroy the hopes and dream of millions of people

It can bring tears to even the strongest adults, as they see their families swept away with it

It has brung turmoil to our world.

This is a storm strong enough to ruin lives, never letting them get any farthur in a good life,

This small breeze may warmly tickle my face and ears,

but it may end life as i know it.

It is a storm of hate, and it can never be stopped.

But there is still one small voice fighting the storm

it is known as hope.

Hope calls to millions of people, helping them along.

It saves alot of people from hitting a dead end.

Hope brings us together in a fight against the storm of Hate.

We are one with Hope.

Hope is what matters

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