Posted: January 12, 2010 in freestyle, life
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The earth rotates slowly in the universe,

thought the humans who inhabit it are oblivious

the bright, fiery sun looms in front of it

the astoriod belt rumbles faintly from billions of miles away.

the pale, blotchy moon circles the earth tightly.

There the earth lies, buried in the universe.

Jupiter’s dense gases’s shroud the core.

Jupiter’s many moons circle around uliminates the fact that it is the biggest planet

in our solar system.

the sun seems like a small speck compared to Jupiter, from so far away.

The rumble of the astoroid belt is loud, breaking the steady silence of space and time.

Jupiter’s biggest storm, the Red Spot, crawls Jupiter,

its clouds swirling around in a mad frenzy

There Jupiter lies, buried in the universe.

Pluto’s cold surface has barely seen any sunlight in its time

it is not a planet any more, merely just another drifter so far, far away from the sun.

It is smaller than a pin compared to the sun from where it stands,

so far from any sunlight.

Everything is far away and cold, Pluto is all alone.

There it lies, buried in our universe.

The sun is massive compared to the planets attracted to its force,

but in reality, it is quite small compared to other stars of its kind.

It is a mere fiery ball of gas,

with Mercury circling it closely,

like the sun would leave Mercury with no warmth.

The sun is just another star, buried in our universe

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