True Beauty

Posted: January 18, 2010 in freestyle, life, Nature

The crisp cold air seeps through our jackets.

Leave crunch quietly underneath our feet,

as we walk through the winding paths.

All the trees seem to be

leaning to one side,

and there were a few fallen logs.

All the leaves had fallen when the winter months had come on,

so the forest seemed bare with no leaves.

The snow covered a few of the naked branches.

Large boulders have snowy white hats on,

although thier hats are melting.

It is hard to go down the steep hills without slipping,

but soon we are at the bottom.

As we near the end of our walk,

we heard bird calls from the trees above.

But soon,

one thing is able to damage the peace of serenity of this wonderfull forest.

the parking lot.

The crumbly pavement and fading white stripes

make everything look dull and unappealing.

Only in the heart of the the forest will you see its true beauty.

  1. jv says:

    I love reading your poems, I look forward to them everyday – keep up the great work – Love, Daddy

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