Base ball

Posted: January 20, 2010 in freestyle

The fancy new screen flickered from the score board,

to several different images.

Soon the image rested on the player at bat.

He places his bat on his shoulder,

base-ball player style.

The pitcher glares menacingly from his mound,

rolling the ball around in his hands.

He is deep in thought,

trying to figure out what pitch to use.

He suddenly whips the ball toward the batter.

It seems to move as fast as lightning,

but it seems like time was moving as slow as possible.


The wooden bat splinters to pieces in the batter’s hand,

as the ball flies far out into the field.

Unhurt, he drops the splintered remains of the bat,

and walks in luxury from base to base.

It was the winning point.

The crowd goes bananas after thier awed shock.

The batter is praised as a hero

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