The Beach

Posted: January 21, 2010 in freestyle, life, Nature

The soft smell of sand,

and the ocean

fill my nostrils.

It is a comforting scent.

Just to be there,

sitting on the beach

in a green-striped beach chair,

was enough to make my head reel with simple joy.

The seagulls caw from their perch beside our picnic blanket.

There is a sudden splash from below,

as the giggling children dropped the rock they were looking under,

when they saw a tiny crab scuttle away.

I watch as the salty sea frothes against the shores,

and as dusk approaches,

Lights blink on from the boats far away on the water.

a low growling sound comes from the fast speeding motor boats

as they rush by,

making enourmous wakes in the

no-wake zone.

Tiny waves lap against the sides of a sail boat,

as it sails slowly toward the docks.

Soon, there is a brilliant ball of fire hovering over the blue sea,

turning it blood red.

Pink clouds float gently across the orange sky.

seconds later, the sun blinks out of sight,

and the moon appears on the horizon.

Rapidly, the sky turns from light blue,

to a silky dark blue,

dotted with twinkly stars.

A tiny red dot represents mars on this fine night.

Color is all around me,

because color is what the beach is all about

  1. Sarahsmom says:

    did you really post this at 1am?

    I love this.. It made me feel like summer is around the corner!

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