Sunday night

Posted: January 22, 2010 in freestyle, life

Dusk settles over the yard,

and the bright white patches of snow stick out like loud colors.

A dog barks from a few doors down.

It has been a long week filled with school,

the same routine,

waking up,


getting breakfast,

catching the bus.

Sitting through school,

seeing friends,

slowly learning new things through each

forty-five minute periods.

Saturday is a but day filled with fun,

and exellence.

the memories of the past week seem all

a blur,

as I try to process them in my mind.

I know that I will do it all again, tomorrow,

and a week from now I will be in the same position

  1. Sarahsmom says:

    Actually, you won’t be in the same position!!!
    You will be one week smarter, one week older, one week closer to your friends, and one week wiser!!!

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