Every one else

Posted: January 25, 2010 in freestyle, life

He plops down on the cold curb,

and runs his perfect hands through his perfect hair.

She watches him from across the street,

slowly sipping her StarBucks cappachino.

He shuffles his feet,

in thier big basketball shoes,

with the black markings down the side.

He puts his arms down and crosses them across his chest,

wearing a striped blue

short-sleeve t-shirt.

What happened to him?

she wonders from her seat,

her face finally out of her book.

Did he lose a game?

Did he lose a girl?

How is a boy like that going to have problems.

What she doesn’t know,

is that he’s just like everyone else.

He’s perfect on the outside,

but that is is just a false image,

put out for the world to see and worship.

But inside, he has problems just like everyone else.

He pulls a lacross ball from his pocket,

and slams it against the nearby fence.

The fence rattles and shakes,

modeling his temper.

He swings back,

and chucks it again.

This tiny little lacross ball has been whamed against the fence with a force it would never have

on its own.

He bares his teeth and grunts a little.

He throws the ball one last time, over the fence,

and breaks a window of a warehouse.

He goes from rage,

to stricken fear,

as he sprints away,

his baggy jeans swishing,

and his belt threathing to slip down all the way.


he has dissapeared in the silky black darkness compleatly.

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