Janurary night

Posted: January 29, 2010 in freestyle, life, Nature

The cutting edge of coldness seeps through the black night

The ground is lightly sprinkled with snow,

but over the hours,

it piles high with the gentle flakes swirling about.

The frozen ground crunches in the woods as dear make thier way through winter,

eating bark off trees, and nibbling at tiny perks of grass through the snow.

In the back yard of the next yard over,

a beutifull red fox rests,

as the artist inside is busily sketching away before the fox decides to dissapear off into the woods.

The frozen pond is not sturdy enough to hold a person, but it can hold small animals like squerrels.

A flock of canadian geese fly overhead.

It is a soft Janurary night

  1. Mrs, Steadly says:

    not sure if you received my comment before as I think I forgot to “submit”. Well, what I wrote was that you are a gifted writer and I understand our poems easily(vs. other poems that make no sense to me). You are a genius girl. keep writing. love, Mrs.S Did you ever make any more boxes?

  2. siv97splat says:

    huh? im not mad, but how does this include me? i know what you are talking about but im not totally sure how it includes my blog…my blog was meant so people could sit back…relax…read some poems and for a moment….put all thier stress away

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