little things in life

Posted: February 5, 2010 in freestyle, life

The fresh scent of coffee on the pot.

The rushing sound of waves crashing against a small shore, turning the  soft sand wet.

Flames licking gently at the brick chimney in its controlled space.

A tiny butterfly settling on your window sill.

These are the little things in life

that keep hectic humans continuing through out thier day.

Many people do not notice these things,

They run frantically dash out of the door, instead of taking time to smell the coffee,

they are to busy trying to pull back their hair from the wind,

and trying to avoid the sticky sand

to hear the waves,

they are too busy to make a fire, much less notice how high it can get into the chimney,

and some people smash the butterfly by accident, slamming thier windows down on the world and every thing outside.

But  there are people who stop to notice the little things in life,

and how special they are.

How the trees speak through the voice of nature,

as the wind weaves its way through the branches.

How the little things in life keep us stabilized and going.

How they keep us focused.

Like how during a test,

you can see the sunshine shining softly through slits in the blinds.

How the waxy petals on a rose have managed to turn so red.

How a hawk soars through the sky like a knife,

cutting through the clouds,

waiting to spot its prey.

Be ready,

to notice the little things in life.

  1. suki(poop) says:

    omg sarah you left me stunned this is beautiful
    just by the way you described the scenery i fell into each moment enjoying the imagry and all other senses that you described soo well

  2. Doraz says:


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