snow day

Posted: February 17, 2010 in 1

The snow settles soflty on the ground

making enourmous piles.

soon, there will be children,

running around in thier swishy snow pants,

flinging snow at each other and all around having a great time.

Maybe the family dog will be there too,

sniffing at the mysterios white stuff,

or jumping and playing with the children,

snapping at when it flies through the air.

the snow blankets the trees,

and makes everything bright and positive.

Inside, on a cracked blue pot,

a few cups of milk are heating up,

and the mugs themselves contain some rich chocolate powder.

soon, when they are finished, they are

Carried to the living room.

this will allow the children to melt off the snow,

by the flickering flames,

while enjoying some hot chocolate.

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