Smoke of Roses

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

The fire crackles loudly, 
and the flames flicker 
in and out of different hues of orange and amber. 
He gets down on one knee, 
kneeling in front of the girl 
bundled in a sweatshirt 
sitting on a green lawn chair 
roasting a burning marshmallow. 
He holds out a red rose, 
a give a questioning look… 
“will you be mine?” 
She gives him a steely glare, 
and only then does he notice 
she is wrapped up in the arms of 
a handsome young man. 
The boy is angry and yet, 
there are tears spilling down his cheeks 
He throws the rose into the fire and runs into the house in shame 
while the girl and the handsome young man snuggle, 
and the boy fumes from his bedroom, 
punching the wall and hurting his hands, 
the ashes of the forgotten rose sink to the bottom, 
while the soft smoke rises to the heavens

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