Why can’t we?

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

The twins tumble down the stairs in a heap of arms and legs. 
They quiver with exitment as though this is the best moment of their lives 
they sprint to the car like mad men, 
pumping their arms and legs as fast and as hard as they can. 
they jiggle in their seats all the way there. 
The whole ride to Chukee Cheeses 
as if this is the most important moment of their lives. 
The car pulls into the pavement, 
and the boys scramble over the hot pavement 

You can almost imagine their reaction to it being closed 
Imagine the biggest letdown of your entire life 
These little kids have almost everyday 
they cant have a cookie 
they have to go to school 
They savor every moment in life 
Why cant we?

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