Posted: October 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

thought I should post a spppppoooooky! poem for halloween!

I watched her eat
munching disgustingly
and it made me angry.
so. angry.
swiftly and nimbly,
I grabbed the dirty skillet from the sink.
Before she could react,
I swing it around and
hit her right on the head.
Her widened eyes watched me
as she slumped to the floor,
dead as doorknob.
Oh no, I thought to myself,
relizing what I had done.
I looked down at the body in horror.
I have to get rid of the body,
where to put it where to put it!
Acting fast, I pushed her fat body out the door, and brought it to the woodlands.
Whilst covering it with leaves,
I heard a car pull into the driveway.
I heard the dogs start to bark
I heard the car doors shut
I heard the kitchen door open
I heard screams when they saw the blood on the floor.
I heard my own heart beat in my ears
I heard my heavy breath puffing out into the chilly night
I heard crying.
And I ran.
I ran
and ran
and ran
until the darkness envoloped me in a blanket of comfort.
the darkness- where I belong

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