Posted: October 31, 2010 in Uncategorized
he yells
and jumps back from the bush.
A small racoon crawls out,
stares at him with his beady glistening eyes,
and the boy relaxes.
His footsteps fall loudly on the wet pavement.
It is late,
later than people hand out candy.
He’s walking alone,
with a white sheet over his head,
and the full moon watching him closely.
He’s quite nervous for 15 year old boy,
and he shudders
and pulls his sheet closer toward him.
its like he cant breathe!
the darkness is closing in on him,
trapping him like a spider traps a fly.
He sprints down the street,
dwon an alley,
and down a road,
and doesn’t stop running
until he is at his dimly lit bedroom,
with the lock and bolt shut tightly behind him

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