About Me and My Blog

I am Sarah. I am on the younger side, and I live in a house that is nearly backed up into the woods; sometimes my phones don’t get great service becuase of the trees blocking the service. Deer are really cute, but they always come in my yard via the nature center and eat all my mother’s plants. I have a vizsla (its a type of dog) and her name is Saba(picture above). she loves to snuggle under my covers at my feet. She is very usefull in the winter when it is very cold outside and maybe  snowing becuase it is nice to have a warm puppy at your feet and watch pretty snow fall onto my yard. I love my dog…

On my blog I will write my own poems for you or I will put poems that i favor greatly, of course giving credits. I will write Haikus (5 syllables on the top, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the last line) But mostly freestyle, like some of the ones on the blog page. There will rarely ever be a rhyme on my blog but maybe once in a while.

Enjoy my blog!!!!!


  1. Doraz says:

    You have a very nice blog. You do have a talent for words! Keep your energy going, and you will do great! I have LOTS of blogging friends on my blogroll. Dennis is someone you want to go meet. So are ALL the others. You will get traffic if you start visiting. Just click the image I have for each person, and it will get you to their blog. You need to set up a blogroll also. You will get more traffic that way! Thanks for stopping in my blog. Do not be a stranger. Have fun! 🙂

  2. Sarahsmom says:

    Sarah.. you are that best!
    tech biz or not… you are doing a great job!
    Go girl!!!

    Love you…

  3. Mrs, Steadly says:

    Dear Sarah: I’m so lame with computers I don’t know if this is a blog, tweeter-twitter or facebook. But Harvey showed me how to reply. Sorry about our foreshortened drawing session. Harvey’s son/wife just came from the airport after a long vacation and I needed to greet them. Anyway, we(you and I)know we can render up some fantastic drawings soon. Just call me when you have time. I’m going to art class tomorrow and will have afew questions about animal drawing. Take care and we’ll be filling our drawing books with hedgehogs and wolves. love, Mrs. S

  4. Mrs, Steadly says:

    why does it say my” comment is awaiting moderation”? Did I write too much, misspelling? mrs s.

  5. Mimi Bier says:

    Great going, Sara. You may remember me as your grandmother’s friend from grade school in Webster Groves. She sent me your poems. I am proud of you. Keep it up.


  6. Amina A. says:

    I ❤ the poems Sarah you doing a great job I look at ypu poem blogs ever time I get a chance to. You have true talent. Hey, maybe you'll famous from you're blogs….like Justin Bieber he got discovered from a website…Then you'll get an A+ in Ferrante's class, Be famous AND get me jelous…hahah keep up the good work…Maybe my prediction WILL come TRUE. 😉

  7. Julia T. says:

    Sarah you are doing a great job with your poems. Keep up the good work!

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