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Posted: April 5, 2010 in 1

the chilling cold creeps through the blankets

the darkness edges around the room, anxois to strike,

but the brightly lit row of candles,

and the crackling fire

keeps it at bay.

you cannot flip a switch,

if the power is down.

you must wait until it comes back on

in order to feel safe from the black stretched out in your own home.



Posted: March 6, 2010 in 1

The bald eagle soars high in the sky.

He angles his wings,

swooping down and flying low,

and the wind whistles in his ears.

And then reality snaps back into place.

A small child is whistling in front of the metal fencing of his encloshure

His injured wings are tied back and all he can do is hop up and down.

He is stuck only able to dream about being free


Posted: March 6, 2010 in 1

the fresh water glides smoothly

over the wet log.

Her orange rubber boots sink slowly into the deep mud.

As she picks her feet up and down,

she notices a small current.

The tall trees surronding her are dense,

but welcoming.

the trickle of the water runing of the rocks is inviting.

Every thing that surronds her is keeping her safe;

the deer bounding through the tall grasses, 

the birds singing the song of spring,

The gentle breeze that whispers in her ears:

“you are safe”,

the leaves rustling in the wind,

and the treading water beside in the flowing pond

She is where she belongs

alone in paradise

Posted: March 1, 2010 in 1

gentle waves lap at the sides of your damp t-shirt,

as you float lightly down the clear blue river

froth appears tumbling over boulders,

and the green moss that is stuck to them sways in the rushing water.

you are surronded by a bright cloud

of peacefull bliss,

but something erie comes along.

the cloud slowly evopartes,

leaving you rushing down a white water rapid,

with no protection.

you realize you are alone in paradise,

which vanishes peacefull happy thoughts


Posted: February 22, 2010 in 1

light comes streaming in

throught the thin curtains

basking the room in light,

making it look dipped in gold.

the birds chirp softly outside the window.

squirells run up and down trees on thier little paws

chattering and chasing each other.

It is a peaceful morning

chair lift

Posted: February 20, 2010 in 1

as the we thunk down in to the moving chair lift,

our skiis tangle everywhere. we are slowly rising up into the air.

slowly pulling down the bar,

our skiis untangle. we pass over a broad,

spacey trail,

with people flying by

with ease.

we pass over the woods,

passing one tree that has

a light pink bra dangling off the branch,

swaying in the wind.

the snow is untouched below.

a yellow ski pole is down at the bottom,

lying on top of a big boulder.

you are so close to the tree tops, you can reach over

and touch it with your ski.

a sudden scraping down greets you as you come back onto the trail,

watching a snowboarder carving up the ice below the soft snow.

up ahead,



kids try to go down huge moguls,

falling and bumping thier way to the easy parts.

other kids are resting,

waiting to gain strenght to continue down

the moguls.

adults are able to skim their way down the moguls,

pushing thier skiis back and forth,

to fast to notice the children who can’t get down.

soon the chair lift creaks back in to the covering of the woods,

and we come upon a short stout tree,

covered in mardi gras beads,

and another bra,

leopard print.

on another tree,

there is more mardigras beads,

making the woods look festive and colorful.

Now we are at one of the last posts on the chair lift,

facing a sign that says

“prepare to unload”

Up goes the cold metal bar,

and so do our skiis,

tips pointing toward the sky.

and so,

we slide down and are greeted by a big trail map showing us where we are


Posted: February 20, 2010 in 1


moving the plastic skiis side,

to side,

together in one motion.

churning up the powdery snow.

skid roughly on the side over an ice patch.

I’m losing control. losing balance.

leaning foward, righting my self.

the bottom of the hill is in sight.

bend my knees,

fly straight down,

not turning the skiis,

until i come out calmly at the bottom.

and repeat, on the next bright blue square trail