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The dog and the milkbone

Posted: January 6, 2010 in animals, family, random
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this is based off my dog and her sneaky ways:

the dog and the milk bone:

she sniffs the ground,

looking for more delicous milkbones

her melty brown eyes look around for the source of the good milkbones

at last, she spies them on the counter

there in a crafty sealed glass jar,

were her precious milkbones

right there

but just a little out of reach.

she carefully placed her paws on the counter as she thought

i will reach them she thought in her dog brain.

her tail wagged slightly as she schemed

Her soft ears perked up as she heard humans coming toward the kitchen

seconds before the large white door opened,

she got down from the counter and curled up inncently on her dog bed

“aww…she’s sleeping!” the humans murmured softly

and left a milk bone in the dog bowl

the dog smiled from her dog bed