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Posted: January 10, 2010 in family, freestyle, life, random

The texture of the keyboard under her fingers,

the way her fingers whirred, clicking non-stop,

it all seemed so real.

The way people looked at her and smiled,

instead of nothing,

it all seemed so real.

The way she was saving the world,

by doing what she knew best,

it all seemed so real.

But she needed a reality check.

Her ancient computer broke down.

People were full of bitter resentment that has power to hurt anyone it can

She was trapped in a tiny closed space in her work cubicle

and she was claustrophobic.

She wasn’t the amazing person of her dreams,

she was just herself.

She did not have nice things like many other people at work.

she did not enjoy her work, like other people

she was never able to express herself.

But, she had her family,

and that is what matters most,



The dog and the milkbone

Posted: January 6, 2010 in animals, family, random
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this is based off my dog and her sneaky ways:

the dog and the milk bone:

she sniffs the ground,

looking for more delicous milkbones

her melty brown eyes look around for the source of the good milkbones

at last, she spies them on the counter

there in a crafty sealed glass jar,

were her precious milkbones

right there

but just a little out of reach.

she carefully placed her paws on the counter as she thought

i will reach them she thought in her dog brain.

her tail wagged slightly as she schemed

Her soft ears perked up as she heard humans coming toward the kitchen

seconds before the large white door opened,

she got down from the counter and curled up inncently on her dog bed

“aww…she’s sleeping!” the humans murmured softly

and left a milk bone in the dog bowl

the dog smiled from her dog bed

this is one of my happier poems, and it relates to family, and how important they are, so here it is:::
Under water adventure:
My arms tire from windmilling in the air
over, and over, and over again.
then repeat again and again.
One more lap of Butterfly,
then I move onto freestyle.
The bottom of the pool seems so far off, and I see that the depth is an earpopping 12 feet.
I am all alone in the big pool, and it makes me feel small.
I can see the brillant blue tiles lining the bottom of the pool like soliders ready for war.
I blink slowly, imagining being in another place at another time.
The miracles start when I open my eyes again.
The tiny pool tiles fall away to a sandy bottom 35 feet down.
The water is clear and much warmer than the pool back at the Westport-Weston YMCA.
Bubbles rise up to tickle my face and I realize I am wearing a scuba mask.
I turn around to look where I am, and when I turn back there is an astounding coral reef beneath me!
Tiny fish swim in and out of little holes in the coral.
Sea anemones sway back and forth to the current.
But then, my heart leaps into my throat, for there is a dark ominus shape coming closer
As I am cowering in fear I hear a funny noise. again and again and again
I realize it is the eeeing of a dolphin!
Soon I am riding underwater on the back of a dolphin, and to me there is not a care in the world.
But then I see a beach. there are families playing together in the water.
Even though I have no clue where I am, I have a sudden urge to be there with my family.
The ocean seems to sing to me.
But I think only of my family, nothing of the dolphin I am riding or the warm tropic waters.
Then, in a blink of an eye, I am back in the pool.
The cold water comes rushing back and again, I find my self staring at the little blue tiles that are much closer now than the coral reef
I wonder what has happened, but I have no time,
for the lifeguard blows his whistle,
and I am signaled that pool time is over.
Although I am dripping wet, cold, and tired, I  know that I will always have my family
because it is what matters most