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Posted: February 1, 2010 in freestyle, Nature

My pencil hurredly scribbles across the page.

faster, faster, I think

My blood pumps,

and my thoughts are like frenzied  molecules,

bouncing around my brain.

think, think harder! I shout inside my head.

five minutes later,

I hand my finished test into the bin.

as I sit in my seat a feeling washes over me.

It is a feeling of expectancy

of something to be proud of.

I have my pride,

no matter what i get,

my pride is always mine.

how much i  have will change,

but i will always have my pride


Janurary night

Posted: January 29, 2010 in freestyle, life, Nature

The cutting edge of coldness seeps through the black night

The ground is lightly sprinkled with snow,

but over the hours,

it piles high with the gentle flakes swirling about.

The frozen ground crunches in the woods as dear make thier way through winter,

eating bark off trees, and nibbling at tiny perks of grass through the snow.

In the back yard of the next yard over,

a beutifull red fox rests,

as the artist inside is busily sketching away before the fox decides to dissapear off into the woods.

The frozen pond is not sturdy enough to hold a person, but it can hold small animals like squerrels.

A flock of canadian geese fly overhead.

It is a soft Janurary night

The Beach

Posted: January 21, 2010 in freestyle, life, Nature

The soft smell of sand,

and the ocean

fill my nostrils.

It is a comforting scent.

Just to be there,

sitting on the beach

in a green-striped beach chair,

was enough to make my head reel with simple joy.

The seagulls caw from their perch beside our picnic blanket.

There is a sudden splash from below,

as the giggling children dropped the rock they were looking under,

when they saw a tiny crab scuttle away.

I watch as the salty sea frothes against the shores,

and as dusk approaches,

Lights blink on from the boats far away on the water.

a low growling sound comes from the fast speeding motor boats

as they rush by,

making enourmous wakes in the

no-wake zone.

Tiny waves lap against the sides of a sail boat,

as it sails slowly toward the docks.

Soon, there is a brilliant ball of fire hovering over the blue sea,

turning it blood red.

Pink clouds float gently across the orange sky.

seconds later, the sun blinks out of sight,

and the moon appears on the horizon.

Rapidly, the sky turns from light blue,

to a silky dark blue,

dotted with twinkly stars.

A tiny red dot represents mars on this fine night.

Color is all around me,

because color is what the beach is all about

True Beauty

Posted: January 18, 2010 in freestyle, life, Nature

The crisp cold air seeps through our jackets.

Leave crunch quietly underneath our feet,

as we walk through the winding paths.

All the trees seem to be

leaning to one side,

and there were a few fallen logs.

All the leaves had fallen when the winter months had come on,

so the forest seemed bare with no leaves.

The snow covered a few of the naked branches.

Large boulders have snowy white hats on,

although thier hats are melting.

It is hard to go down the steep hills without slipping,

but soon we are at the bottom.

As we near the end of our walk,

we heard bird calls from the trees above.

But soon,

one thing is able to damage the peace of serenity of this wonderfull forest.

the parking lot.

The crumbly pavement and fading white stripes

make everything look dull and unappealing.

Only in the heart of the the forest will you see its true beauty.

Tangled Web of TV

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Nature

This is a poem i wrote  in Language Arts…i used different slogans for different companies. you’ll recognize a few as you read:

Hello? can you hear me now?

Or are you to caught up in a tangled web of  TV?

If i were to look inside your head,

i would see brillant flashing light of commercials,

and catchy jingles.

Things like,

Milk chocolate that melts in your mouth and not your hand.

That maybe important,

but who needs a snack that smiles back?

Is is really necessary to live on the coke side of life?

I need you up off the couch,

where you don’t live a little,

you live a lotto,

you should be lovin’ the real world,

not a commercial for McDonalds.

And becuase sprite tells you to obey your thirst,

you should get up and get yourself a drink, instead of staying




                                                                                                                                                                                         couch like a couch potatoe

Maybe change out of your Pajamas 

go play an hour a day.

Wanna think it over with twix?

just call 1-800- get-a-life

That was easy, wasn’t it?