Life in a trench

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
the deafening noise of military barrage
masks the shouts of the captain
as he yells,
Men run up into no mans land,
clutching their rifles in fear
and then,
one by one,
they are shot down from the enemy trenches.
Many men aere stationed
at the heavy machine guns
firing away,
killing men in No Man’s Land.
The befallen lay sprawled in the mud,
surrounded by barbed wire,
soon to be forgotten when the living soldiers realize the rats have eaten their diner again.
At least they wont be affected
by the poision gas
that is soon to come.

Feel the Earth

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At the hot beaches,
sift the sand between your toes
and feel the earth
At the cold mountains,
feel the cold chill
of the biting wind
and the numbing snow
and feel the earth
At the forest.
feel the soft damp soil
and prickly thorns
and feel the earth
In New York City
feel the hot pavement beneath your feet,
feel the thoughts of the street vendor,
desperatly selling hotdogs and pretzels
to pay his rent
Feel the earth
In the suburbs,
everyday people living thier lives with same things everyday
feel their boredom,
feel the earth
If you can feel the earth,
you are one with the earth

All in the Eyes

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
His eyes are like the liquid moon,
full of promise and hope.
One look into his deep,
everlasting eyes,
and you are under his spell.
Don’t let his eyes decieve you.
His heart resembles a jaggedy stone,
and is every bit
as cold and hard.
He has scars that will never be forgotten,
and wounds that will never heal with his soul.
Wrinkles on his perfect forehead,
represent his sins.
Be careful,
He is the devil,
and cannot be trusted,
not matter how easy it looks

Smoke of Roses

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

The fire crackles loudly, 
and the flames flicker 
in and out of different hues of orange and amber. 
He gets down on one knee, 
kneeling in front of the girl 
bundled in a sweatshirt 
sitting on a green lawn chair 
roasting a burning marshmallow. 
He holds out a red rose, 
a give a questioning look… 
“will you be mine?” 
She gives him a steely glare, 
and only then does he notice 
she is wrapped up in the arms of 
a handsome young man. 
The boy is angry and yet, 
there are tears spilling down his cheeks 
He throws the rose into the fire and runs into the house in shame 
while the girl and the handsome young man snuggle, 
and the boy fumes from his bedroom, 
punching the wall and hurting his hands, 
the ashes of the forgotten rose sink to the bottom, 
while the soft smoke rises to the heavens

Why can’t we?

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The twins tumble down the stairs in a heap of arms and legs. 
They quiver with exitment as though this is the best moment of their lives 
they sprint to the car like mad men, 
pumping their arms and legs as fast and as hard as they can. 
they jiggle in their seats all the way there. 
The whole ride to Chukee Cheeses 
as if this is the most important moment of their lives. 
The car pulls into the pavement, 
and the boys scramble over the hot pavement 

You can almost imagine their reaction to it being closed 
Imagine the biggest letdown of your entire life 
These little kids have almost everyday 
they cant have a cookie 
they have to go to school 
They savor every moment in life 
Why cant we?

Keep going

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The rubber tires screech to a stop over the rough pavement
He taps his fingers on the steering wheel
To the beat of the music
blasting out of the speakers
His aviators were tilted down,
So he could see over the top of them
On his face he wore
a slight smile,
a sideways smirk slapped on his face.
Where was he going?
He didnt know
He could be anywhere in the galaxy,
as long as he was in his
beloved fire-truck red convertible
with shiny tire and leather seats
The light switched quickly to green
Ge stompted on the pedal,
cruising down main street.
He passed sad looking store fronts,
and big huge billboards.
Soon he was on the highway.
He kept going.
Over bridges overlooking fresh clear waters
he passed signs telling him where he is,
but he doesnot care
He kept driving, enjoying himself,
he passed rolling hills,
and rows of cornfields.
Soon he relized what was happening,
and it filled him with dread,
but he didnot care
He knew what was happening
and he hated it
but he did not care
He could not escape
Soon he passed waterfalls
with clear water splashing heavily over slick black rocks
He passed through the hot deserts of nevada,
in which desert sand kidcked up aganst the red finish of the car
this made his mile drop off of his face
but he didnot care
He passed casinos and gambling of las vegas
Loud people shouting everywhere
and it set his nerves on edge
but he didnot care
Next he finds his care in the mountains,
snow peppering their tops.
this is no place for his convertible
but he doesnot care
soon he was driving down main street again,
ready to repeat the whole process
No matter how much he tryed,
he couldnt press the break
and he didnt care
He was trapped in a night mare,
no way out
He was trapped like a bird in a cage,
waiting to be freed

Lost Hope

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He moves slowly through the large crowd of sweaty annoyed and shouting people.
He is looking for the one thing that matters to him and the only thing he has lost.
The soft cotton of his shirt sticks close to his body as he sweats,
searching harder.
He’s looking for a face…anything…
Then he sees it.
A buetiful face, tan with almond shaped eyes and a perfect nose,
Made by the lord himself.
The brilliant blue eyes match his and they lock eyes.
And then, She is gone,
dissapeared into the busy crowd.
His last chance at ever finding Hope again,
is gone.
He is nothing