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I walk down the hallway,
cluttered with what I used to be
there’s a rocking dinosuar,
which I used to play with
when I was young.
Peeking around the corner,
I check to see it anyone
is watching me
The coast is clear,
so I lower myself onto the dinosaur,
which creaks under my wieght,
as I’m sure I wiegh much more now than I did
when I was 5.
It’s alot shorter than I remember,
I think to myself,
seeing my knees all bent up,
as though I have been shoved in a shoe box.
I slowly rock back and forth,
savoring the memory of my  childhood


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he yells
and jumps back from the bush.
A small racoon crawls out,
stares at him with his beady glistening eyes,
and the boy relaxes.
His footsteps fall loudly on the wet pavement.
It is late,
later than people hand out candy.
He’s walking alone,
with a white sheet over his head,
and the full moon watching him closely.
He’s quite nervous for 15 year old boy,
and he shudders
and pulls his sheet closer toward him.
its like he cant breathe!
the darkness is closing in on him,
trapping him like a spider traps a fly.
He sprints down the street,
dwon an alley,
and down a road,
and doesn’t stop running
until he is at his dimly lit bedroom,
with the lock and bolt shut tightly behind him


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thought I should post a spppppoooooky! poem for halloween!

I watched her eat
munching disgustingly
and it made me angry.
so. angry.
swiftly and nimbly,
I grabbed the dirty skillet from the sink.
Before she could react,
I swing it around and
hit her right on the head.
Her widened eyes watched me
as she slumped to the floor,
dead as doorknob.
Oh no, I thought to myself,
relizing what I had done.
I looked down at the body in horror.
I have to get rid of the body,
where to put it where to put it!
Acting fast, I pushed her fat body out the door, and brought it to the woodlands.
Whilst covering it with leaves,
I heard a car pull into the driveway.
I heard the dogs start to bark
I heard the car doors shut
I heard the kitchen door open
I heard screams when they saw the blood on the floor.
I heard my own heart beat in my ears
I heard my heavy breath puffing out into the chilly night
I heard crying.
And I ran.
I ran
and ran
and ran
until the darkness envoloped me in a blanket of comfort.
the darkness- where I belong

Run (continued)

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My eyes pop open,
and I can feel sweat lining my face.
I am shrouded in black.
I flail around, but cannot feel my feet.
I kick and thrash,
hoping I am not stuck in perpetual running.
But no,
I soon feel the warmth of my blankets,
and see light filtering through the blinds.
I begin to hear birds chirping,
and a dog barking in the distance.
I sit up and let out a sigh of relief
I am at home,
safe and sound


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the rays of the soft sun beat down hard on my back as I run.
swweat sticks to my purple t-shirt and the wind ruffles my brown hair.
My heart beats faster, faster, and faster untill
that is all I can hear- the beating of my heart pounding in my ears.
My feet move faster than they ever have before,
and my sneakers slosh with every step,
because suddenly, they are overflowing with murky pond water.
Where did that come from? you might ask,
but if I knew, I would tell you.
I think to myself,
this thought overpowering the other crazy paniked thoughts in my head,
like, why cant I stop? when will it end? can I go home now?
I am flying, soaring with the eagles.
And then everything goes black


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to him,
poems are locked doors,
the true meaning cowering behind
big words,
that bounce off the page, ready to fight
‘nuh uh, you gotta get through us to see this’
they say to him
when he comes near.
they dash about,
bouncing this way and that way,
along the edges of the page
blocking him from seeing the truth and moral


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The light colors of dawn drip down
from the sky,
squelching out the remaining darkness.
every blade of grass had been showered in early morning dew,
cold and damp
but exceptionally beautiful
A chipmunk sprints through the dewy lawn,
over the chunky gravel,
and around a tree,
marking the morning.
the birds start to chirp of morning,
and the rain from the previos night drips down the gutters.
It is the next day in the endless cycle of life